Sleep Regressions

The dreaded sleep regression! It is all to familiar to parents to have this happen and leave them taking drastic measures to get their child to sleep.  You hear it from friends and family about how your child will go through some form of sleep regression at a few different months.. usually they will differ from parent to parent. The truth is, I don’t believe in so much as a regression then a developmental mile stone. These will vary in times between children, hence the different times friends and family will tell you.

A developmental mile stone will leave your child restless at times. These happen when the child starts to roll over, starts crawling, sitting up unassisted, standing up, walking and talking. Every child hits developmental milestones at their own pace, so it differs from child to child. If your child was sleeping fairly great and then all of a sudden starts waking in the night again, they may have hit one of these mile stones.  These can last for a week or two and cause night wakings or nap protesting.

So now that you know a little about developmental milestones your question is how do I survive it? Well there is hope! If you stick with your normal routine and try not to interrupt it, things will go a lot smoother. If your child wakes during the night WAIT at least 10-15 minutes before you intervene, this will encourage them to go back to sleep on their own. The most important key of advice is to NOT revert back to old habits- it takes approximately 3 nights to change a habit. Consistency is key as well! If after 2 weeks night wakings have not improved, then it might be time to look at the time naps and bed time occurs.

Remember a great routine will go along way in how well your child could be sleeping, so stick with it. Lets make bedtime a dream together. Click here to view Child Sleep Consultation Packages.

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