Adult Sleep Coaching

 Adult Sleep is complicated but I have been trained by industry leader Dana Obleman and have been given dozens of tools and strategies to help tired adults like yourself live healthy and productive lives knowing they will sleep peacefully at night.

If you answer yes to any of these then we should talk so we can get you on track to a consistently good sleep, every night.

  • Do you feel exhausted all day only to finally lay down in bed at night wondering why you cant sleep?
  • Do you fall asleep at night  only to wake hours later and lay awake frustrated you cant sleep even though you feel exhausted?
  • Do you take sleeping pills on a regular basis so that you know you will be able to sleep at night?
  • Do you wake up exhausted and already dreading the next night’s sleep?
  • Have you recently sleep trained your child and now that they sleep you can not?

If any of these are true for you and you are sick and tired of not sleeping night after night then I would love to help you “Solve Your Sleep”!Image may contain: 1 person, text

When you combine information with a plan of action, support and accountability you will see amazing improvements in your sleep ; you will no longer NEED caffeine all day. Or undesired sleep aids, which have long term side effects.

This is not a fantasy, or dream for others to wish for, this is an investment in yourself to get back to sleeping-like-a-baby!

So how does it work?

I am sure you are reading this thinking, “sure, sure, you think you can help me but I know you cant..Well, I have to say, yes I can!

We are all born to sleep, yes there are a slight few of us that have legitimate medical sleep problems (Apnea etc… ) But for the majority of us the reasons we are not sleeping are not medical, rather environmental or behavioral.

I will ask you to fill out an initial sleep questionnaire so I can assess what is going on to disrupt your sleep and then develop a sleep plan with you to take baby steps towards better sleep. I will not ask you to do anything you are not comfortable with and pride myself on setting realistic goals with you because  we all know if we bite off to much we are more apt to just quit all together.  The best part is I will support you.

I believe in having good quality of life and being happy; what I want to do is dig deep into what is going on to disrupt your sleep and only make small , yet necessary modifications to your day-to-day in order to improve your sleep and therefore your overall health and happiness. 

I started off helping children get the great sleep they need to be happy and healthy (which I still love doing) but have naturally expanded to helping adults because who can argue that this world would be a better place if we all just got a little bit more sleep. (Less road rage? More empathy, a little more patience maybe?)

Can you imagine waking up everyday feeling like you had enough energy to take on the world.. or even just the daily tasks that can be tiresome when you are not getting enough sleep! You would have enough energy to actually do the things you love instead of just thinking “one day”

Solve Your Sleep Program Covers:

  • Diet- caffeine, sugar, carbs, alcohol
  • Movement-when and how long
  • Negative self talk
  • Bedtime routine
  • Sleeping pills
  • Don’t just lie there

What you get:

  • A custom plan written just for you
  • Various documents to help aid the progress (movement logs, diet logs)
  • My knowledge and drive to help you peacefully sleep each night
  • Me for a whole month for weekly check ins and unlimited email support to help you reach your goal, for good!

Total Cost: $450.00

Not sure this would be right for you? Call me today (250) 787-2699 to book a free 15 minute consult to see if a sleep coach would be right for you. You can also reach me through facebook as well as email 

I look forward to helping you “Solve Your Sleep”

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