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Recently I participated in a trade show called; Mommylicious, where I met an ambitious man named Nathan Chan, the Managing  Director of Proud Fertility.  I was very intrigued about his organization and was very excited to talk with him- we ended up collaborating and making a short video on  sleep training and how it can be linked with surrogacy and intended parenting.  Watch Video



This made me think when we started talking.  When it comes down to it, a Parent is a Parent whether you are single, adoptive or intended parents. We all struggle with our child’s sleep; either from birth or later down the road.  Sleep troubles can then be an issue for parents when they are not getting well rested, being a new parent is tough! Whether you are well prepared and happens through adoption, intended parenting through surrogacy, not many parents think much about baby and their SLEEP. We bring our little bundles home and life begins; as do the sleepless nights. Sleep training is a great option to research prior to bringing home baby. Many Sleep Consultants, including myself, offer a Prenatal & Newborn Package that will help parents learn great techniques to avoid sleep problems down the road.

Lack of sleep is a huge problem in life, between our family and job who has time to rest? The thing is, this should be a huge priority in your busy schedules, especially after you bring baby home. Lack of sleep is hard on everyone and can lead to depression, anxiety, relationship troubles  and regret. Even adoptive and intended parents can suffer from this, sleep debt does not discriminate and is a real thing.  Good nutrition and great sleep is very important, not only for baby but also for YOU.

If you would like to know more about surrogacy, becoming a surrogate, or becoming an egg donor, contact Proud Fertility, Nathan and his amazing team would love to help you help families!

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