Adults Need Sleep Too!

       I am so excited to be able to help adults get great sleep now! It wasn’t to long ago I suffered from sleep derivation as well.  With three children running around,kids sports, a full time job, a business it was a lot going on at once.. I didn’t realize I was over booking my time and stressing myself out trying to be super mom.. don’t get me wrong I still try to do to much but I now say no to things that are not necessary  .. why? because I was laying awake at night thinking about how I was going to volunteer for this, try to get the kids out the door for that, in between getting groceries and making dinner. Is any of that worth loosing sleep over? Not really but at the time it sure seemed like it did.  The lack of sleep I was loosing was crazy! It was making me have anxiety and was horrible towards my health. I made a change to my habits and it made a huge difference to my sleep, which in turn my health, in a positive way.

      Many of us have no idea how important sleep is to our health. The effects of sleep deprivation is huge! Weight gain, difficulty learning or paying attention, depleted sex drive, headaches & migraines and irritability to name a few.  Sleep, exercise and nutrition go together to make us happy and healthy.  Many of us suffer from some sort of sleep troubles in our life- some medical (sleep apnea, medication etc) some behavioral or environmental. A lot are treatable without the need of sleeping pills but rather habitual and behavioral change. If lack of sleep is wrecking havoc in your life with work, school, parenting or living life to its fullest, then it may be time to make a change for the better and start sleeping at night, waking more rested in the morning.  I love helping infants and children with their sleep but of course I wanted to expand and help adults get better sleep as well.  Helping the whole family get better sleep . Did you know many mommas have trouble sleeping once their babies start sleeping through the night?  It is true! When a momma wakes up several times at night with their child, it becomes habit to wake several times for them too. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to work feeling well rested? I am sure your boss would benefit too! 🙂

Let’s start the morning off with a well rested body and wreak the benefits of it too!

Walking with you side by side to reach your goals of having a restful nights sleep is my goal. Lets make bed time a dream together:) Click here to view Adult Sleep Coaching page.

Corissa Feenstra

Your Certified Sleep Sense/ Solve Your Sleep Consultant




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